QR voice FAQ

What is a QR code?

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode which has encoded any kind of data. It can be read by a QR scanner smartphone application.

What is QR voice?

QR voice encodes a given text message into QR code that once scanned by a QR scanner smartphone application reproduces the message with a synthesized voice.

How does it work?

  1. Enter a message up to 100 characters
  2. Optionally choose a language in which the message is written and will be reproduced
  3. Optionally resize the desired qr-code image to be generated using the slider
  4. Click generate button, the one with a tiny qr-code in it
  5. The qr-code will be generated in the center of the screen
  6. You can scan it with your smartphone qr-code scanner app in order to hear the message
  7. Use the link above the qr-code image to save/share/embed/print the final qr-code image
  8. Use the social buttons to spread the word about your recent generated qr-voice. Browser URL location is also bookmarkable

How can that be useful?

My qr-code scanner app is not playing any sound, what can that be?

Some users already complained about such problem. It seems to be an issue with either the qr-code scanner app or browser settings on the smartphone which should be able to redirect and autoplay mpeg audio. Checkout the list of tested and recommended qr-code scanner apps below.

What are recommended qr-code scanner apps?

For iPhone, free tested apps

Why qrvoice.net?

Because qrvoice.com was taken already - duh!

Who translated QR voice user interface?

‎© 2013 Marcel Duran